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IBEW 120

6688 Tempo Road, P.O.
Box 324 Lambeth Stn.
London, ON
N6P 1P9

Open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday
Closed between 12 noon and 1pm

Phone: 519-652-2929
Fax: 519-652-2843

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Putting Our Qualified and Protected Members to Work

About IBEW 120

Why 600+ Members Chose IBEW 120

We are a family of industry fairness. Representing the brothers and sisters of the electrical trade, our union creates a unique support system to lean on for fair wages, safe workplaces, employment opportunities, skill resources and adequate hours. We are conductors of change giving a collective voice to the electrical trade, and we believe, it’s all within our power.

Together with IBEW 120, you’ll experience the benefits of:

Job Security

Competitive Benefits

Paid Overtime

Negotiated Wages

Safer Working Conditions

Health and Welfare Packages

Fair Treatment

Strength in Numbers

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Bringing power to the people.

Experiencing the union difference can be a reality for electricians across Southwestern Ontario. IBEW 120 works tirelessly to bring trust to the trade in London and surrounding areas, supporting and raising the standards for electrical professionals in a wide range of industries.


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