IHSA Call to Action Letter

Please read the following letter from IHSA regarding the recent tragedies on jobsites.
Always remember to take the time and #pauseforsafety
Call to Action Letter – Joint Message Dec 2020
Call to Action:
IHSA’s sectors (construction, electrical and utilities, and transportation) have been
deemed essential services throughout the entire COVID‐19 pandemic, and IHSA
would like to thank all workers for their efforts and contributions in both building
and supplying key services to Ontarians during these challenging times.
Tragically, the month of December has seen an alarming number of workplace
fatalities in the industries IHSA serves. In this last week alone, four workers died in
three separate workplace incidents.
One fatality in any year is one too many, regardless of the sector, industry, or
IHSA is encouraging all constructors, employers, supervisors, and workers in ALL
sectors to take a moment and PAUSE for safety. Please pause all work for a safety
moment and re‐establish a commitment to the prevention of injuries, illnesses,
and fatalities.
Pause to reflect on the work that you are doing and the tasks at hand. Focus on
performing the work in the most safe and competent manner. Now is the time to
reinforce safe work procedures and the practice of performing risk assessments
on all your tasks, regardless of whether they are new tasks or existing ones.
With efforts focused (rightfully) on the topic of COVID‐19, including its impact on
our personal lives, upcoming holidays, increased levels of spread, and the rollout
of the vaccine to fight this coronavirus, it is understandable how attention can be
diverted from everyday risks and hazards in the workplace.
It is up to all workplace parties to work even harder to increase attention to
performing work in the safest manner possible.
As we approach the end of this difficult year, it is more important than ever that
we continue maintaining our vigilance while at work. Now is not the time to relax
our efforts or to become complacent. We must remain diligent and aware of ALL
the hazards in ALL workplaces, and take action together to work safely and to look
out for one another.
Let us close out this very difficult 2020 and begin 2021 with a renewed
commitment to ensuring all workers return home safe to their families and to
their friends at the end of each workday.
Enzo Garritano           President and CEO, IHSA
Ivano Labricciosa       Co‐chairs, IHSA Board of Directors
Tom Nicholls
Glen Drewes                Co‐chairs, Provincial Labour Management
Darrin Husack                   Health and Safety Committee, Section 21 –
Dave Zelasko               Co‐chairs, Provincial Labour Management Safety
Morgan Kellett                  Committee, Section 21 – Utility
Michael Frolick           Co‐chairs, Transportation Advisory Council
Brad Reid